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New Pure colorized black onyx extra dark wax is suggested for electric and drop-pull pens. 1 oz.   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# PS479
$2.50 US

Natural Beeswax Rounds
New 100% pure natural bees wax in a 1.6 oz. round. Refined and clean, can be used with our finest tips. Great for use with Electric, Almost Electric and...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# PS495
$2.80 US

BeesBest Black Diamond
New Bees wax colorized black. Ideal for use with electric kistkas and with the Drop Pull tools. This wax is free of impurities. Packaged as a single 1 ...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# PS491
$2.50 US

BeesBest Blue Sapphire Wax
New BeeBest #1 selling wax!!!! No more guess work where your pencil line ends, and your wax line begins . Sketch your work on in pencil. Write your design...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# PS492
$2.75 US

Pure Bees Wax
New Pure natural color beeswax is used to cover portions of the egg shell for the "batik-like" coloring process.   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# PS803
$2.65 US

Dark Bees Wax
New Dark dyed natural bees wax allows one to see their design on the pysanka more clearly.   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# PS802
$2.75 US

Full Round Black Wax 1.6 oz
1.6 oz round of basic black wax; substantial size will last longer.   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# PS498
$2.75 US

Natural Beeswax Half Round .8 oz
A staple in your Easter Egg supplies- natural beeswax half round!   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# PS507
$1.40 US

Half Moon Wax .8 oz refined
100% pure beeswax, colorized black for visibility. Approximate size .75 ounces   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# PS490
$1.40 US

Bee Best Green Envy Wax
Very refined dark green colorized wax, appropriate for double and triple fine tips and is "high-tack": works in cooler rooms with al types or kistkas!...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# PS478
$2.50 US

Basic Black Wax
Basic black transparent wax - 1 oz. Suggested for electric and drop-pull tools, or when contrast is neede in seeing your wax lines.   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# PS494
$2.35 US

BeesBest Ultra Clear Wax
Clear wax is refined and suitable for electric and traditional pens. 1 oz.   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# PS488
$2.50 US



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