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 / Handcrafted Items

Here are some of our most popular items for this category:
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Handcrafted Items / Clay Figurines

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Chumak with Oxen - clay figurine 4.75 inches..

Comical Kozak-themed clay figurines are hand-made with a definite sense of humor! Colorful and cute, they can be used as paperweights or decorations....
Price:$52.00 US
Handcrafted Items / Dolls in Folk Costume

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Ukrainian Knit Boy blue 12 in....

Handmade, knitted natural finer dolls are very safe for small children: in Ukrainian style, cute, simple & pleasant to hold! Large doll is 12.0” in height...
Price:$24.00 US
Handcrafted Items / Traditional Cloth Dolls

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Motanka - Man in Village Costume..

NEW Male motanka dolls in traditional costume will complement the female dolls. Handmade, natural fabric and crochet. 7 in. Assorted designs, single dolls, sold separately....
Price:$39.00 US
Handcrafted Items / Wooden Items

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Wooden Flute - Sopilka...

Carved wooden flute known as a sopilka, makes a fun gift for kids, or anyone! Length: 7" (*souvenir item, not a professional instrument)...
Price:$5.95 US
Novelty / Ornaments / Single Ornaments

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Rabbit with Heart Ornament 7.5 in...

Handmade in Ukraine on organic cotton twill and painted with festive colors, these pillow-type ornaments will make great gifts for a new mom or for the baby’s room! And are safe as toys. Design is on both sides....
Price:$12.95 US


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