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Inside you will find both traditional & contemporary recipes with dough, fillings and toppings, plus useful techniques. Black & white. PLEASE NOTE: Th...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BJ162
$14.95 US

"Pierogi have been shared over the dinner table in Poland and other Slavic countries since the Middle Ages. In fact, it has been part of the staple di...   <More details>
Special Order Item - Item# BJ161
$7.95 US

Unique and up-to-date guide to making pierogi ( varenyky ) presenting the national dish in style.Color illustrations, 96pp, in Engl.   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BJ160
$26.00 US

Elegantly made cookbook in large format, celebrates diverse foods, flavors and heritage from the Black Sea to Baku, Kyiv to Kazakhstan. 100 recipes. M...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BJ155
$42.00 US

Taste of Ukraine: Rustic Cuisine from the Heart of Ukraine
Taste of Ukraine was hailed as “the benchmark book on the food of Ukraine”, and won a prestigious international Gourmand Cookbook Award. This original...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BJ150
$79.95 US

Baba's Kitchen - Ukrainian Soul Food
Baba's Kitchen: Ukrainian Soul Food with Stories From the Village, third edition. -Ukrainian Canadian Congress Special Pick Top Three Ukrainian Cookb...   <More details>
Special Order Item - Item# BJ334
$29.95 US

Kramarczuks Family Classics
Kramarczuk’s Family Classics is meant to be a beautiful addition to your coffee table collection. It is a compilation of recipes and photos illustrati...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BJ537
$32.00 US

Author Supruchenko is a writer, traveller and ethnographer. here he presents a cul;inary work about Ukraine's favorite soup, with history, method of p...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BJ621
$10.95 US

The New Ukrainian Cook Book
The author explores the cuisine of her ancestors, delving into its origins and history and continuing the story into present-day Ukaine. From classics...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BJ128
$29.95 US

Sviatkovyj Stil - The Festive Table
A great collection of the festive dishes for the New Year's Eve, Christmas, Easter, Birthday parties, and more are simple and easy to prepare. This bo...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BJ625
$12.95 US

Festive Ukrainian Cooking
This comprehensive and well-researched assortment of menus and recipies by Marta Pisetska Farley provides precise instructions designed for the modern...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BJ336
$24.95 US

Favorite Recipes, School of Ukrainian Studies
A large collection of recipes compiled by the Ukrainian School of Yonkers, NY contains traditional Ukrainian dishes as well as other favorites. Spiral...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BJ125
$21.50 US

Baba the Cook
More than just an assortment of recipes, this book is a tribute to the life of a truly beautiful person. Natalka Evanishen, also known as Natalie, or ...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BJ335
$11.95 US

Ukrainian Cookbook - English/Russian Gift Edition
This fine Baltia Druk gift edition is a miniature version of the large cookbook (BJ110), and offers recipes in English and Russian. English includes p...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BJ109
$29.50 US

Obriady i Stravy Sviatoho Vechora
Colorful hardcover book, in Ukrainian, with numerous color photographs describes traditions and symbolism of Ukrainian Christmas Eve foods; many recip...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BJ103
$17.00 US

Rizdvjana Nitch - Lehendy, Kazky
Rizdvjana Nitch - Christmas Eve is a series of legends, stories and tales about Christmas and the birth of Christ from different countries (Ukraine, E...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BN152
$14.50 US

Ukrainian Cuisine and Folk Traditions
Back by popular demand!! Once you see this fantastic book, you will definitely want one for yourself! Ukrainian dishes are described in the calendar y...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BJ110E
$95.00 US

Ritual Breads
Recipes are given for basic breads, Christmas kolach, Easter babka & paska (with ornaments), pastries (makivnyk, pampushky, pyrohy, medivnyk), and Wed...   <More details>
Special Order Item - Item# BJ100
$7.00 US

Baba's Cook Book
New edition of Baba's Cookbook! This best-seller will help you learn the basics and some secrets of Ukrainian cooking! Baba's best includes: traditi...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BJ333
$19.50 US

Ukrainian Daughter's Cookbook
A favorite: this colorful, spiral-bound volume contains both traditional and contemporary Ukrainian recipes. 9 pages are devoted to the art of making ...   <More details>
Available soon - Item# BJ536
$23.95 US

The Best of Ukrainian Cuisine
Indulge your taste buds in a rich and varied assortment of the finest time-tested Ukrainian dishes. With over 200 recipes of the very best in traditi...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BJ127
$18.95 US

Lenten Cookbook
This was compiled by the Ukrainian Women's Association of Canada (Saskatoon Branch), and includes an introduction explaining fasting, why it is done, ...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BJ120
$19.95 US



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