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New Inside you will find both traditional & contemporary recipes with dough, fillings and toppings, plus useful techniques. Black & white. PLEASE NOTE: Th...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BJ162
$14.95 US

New "Pierogi have been shared over the dinner table in Poland and other Slavic countries since the Middle Ages. In fact, it has been part of the staple di...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BJ161
$7.95 US

Taste of Ukraine: Rustic Cuisine from the Heart of Ukraine
New Taste of Ukraine was hailed as “the benchmark book on the food of Ukraine”, and won a prestigious international Gourmand Cookbook Award. This original...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BJ150
$79.95 US

Baba's Kitchen - Ukrainian Soul Food
New Baba's Kitchen: Ukrainian Soul Food with Stories From the Village, third edition. -Ukrainian Canadian Congress Special Pick Top Three Ukrainian Cookb...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BJ334
$29.95 US

The New Ukrainian Cook Book
New The author explores the cuisine of her ancestors, delving into its origins and history and continuing the story into present-day Ukaine. From classics...   <More details>
Special Order Item - Item# BJ128
$29.95 US

Festive Ukrainian Cooking
New This comprehensive and well-researched assortment of menus and recipies by Marta Pisetska Farley provides precise instructions designed for the modern...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BJ336
$24.95 US

Ukrainian Cuisine and Folk Traditions
New Back by popular demand!! Once you see this fantastic book, you will definitely want one for yourself! Ukrainian dishes are described in the calendar y...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BJ110E
$95.00 US

Baba's Cook Book
New New edition of Baba's Cookbook! This best-seller will help you learn the basics and some secrets of Ukrainian cooking! Baba's best includes: traditi...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BJ333
$19.50 US

Ukrainian Daughter's Cookbook
New A favorite: this colorful, spiral-bound volume contains both traditional and contemporary Ukrainian recipes. 9 pages are devoted to the art of making ...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BJ536
$23.95 US

The Best of Ukrainian Cuisine
New Indulge your taste buds in a rich and varied assortment of the finest time-tested Ukrainian dishes. With over 200 recipes of the very best in traditi...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BJ127
$18.95 US

Unique and up-to-date guide to making pierogi ( varenyky ) presenting the national dish in style.Color illustrations, 96pp, in Engl.   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BJ160
$26.00 US

Elegantly made cookbook in large format, celebrates diverse foods, flavors and heritage from the Black Sea to Baku, Kyiv to Kazakhstan. 100 recipes. M...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BJ155
$42.00 US

Kramarczuks Family Classics
Kramarczuk’s Family Classics is meant to be a beautiful addition to your coffee table collection. It is a compilation of recipes and photos illustrati...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BJ537
$32.00 US

Author Supruchenko is a writer, traveller and ethnographer. here he presents a cul;inary work about Ukraine's favorite soup, with history, method of p...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BJ621
$10.95 US

Sviatkovyj Stil - The Festive Table
A great collection of the festive dishes for the New Year's Eve, Christmas, Easter, Birthday parties, and more are simple and easy to prepare. This bo...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BJ625
$12.95 US

Favorite Recipes, School of Ukrainian Studies
A large collection of recipes compiled by the Ukrainian School of Yonkers, NY contains traditional Ukrainian dishes as well as other favorites. Spiral...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BJ125
$21.50 US

Baba the Cook
More than just an assortment of recipes, this book is a tribute to the life of a truly beautiful person. Natalka Evanishen, also known as Natalie, or ...   <More details>
Available soon - Item# BJ335
$11.95 US

Ukrainian Cookbook - English/Russian Gift Edition
This fine Baltia Druk gift edition is a miniature version of the large cookbook (BJ110), and offers recipes in English and Russian. English includes p...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BJ109
$29.50 US

Obriady i Stravy Sviatoho Vechora
Colorful hardcover book, in Ukrainian, with numerous color photographs describes traditions and symbolism of Ukrainian Christmas Eve foods; many recip...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BJ103
$17.00 US

Rizdvjana Nitch - Lehendy, Kazky
Rizdvjana Nitch - Christmas Eve is a series of legends, stories and tales about Christmas and the birth of Christ from different countries (Ukraine, E...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BN152
$14.50 US

Persha Zirka - First Star (Vinshuvanja)
Unique collection of folk verse for the winter cycle, known as vinshuvannia (well-wishes for the household). A great reference for carolers! (spiral-b...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BT598
$16.95 US

Ritual Breads
Recipes are given for basic breads, Christmas kolach, Easter babka & paska (with ornaments), pastries (makivnyk, pampushky, pyrohy, medivnyk), and Wed...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BJ100
$7.00 US

Lenten Cookbook
This was compiled by the Ukrainian Women's Association of Canada (Saskatoon Branch), and includes an introduction explaining fasting, why it is done, ...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# BJ120
$19.50 US



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