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Here are some of our most popular items for this category:
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DVDs & Videos / Cooking & Baking

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Ukrainian Christmas Eve - DVD..

Learn how to make the dishes served during a traditional Ukrainian Christmas Eve (Svjat Vechir) meal. This one-of-a-kind instructional cooking DVD shows you how to make the most popular recipes step-by-step using time saving conveniences. I...
Price:$29.95 US
Children's Corner / DVDs & Videos

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Ukrainian Power Vol 1&2 DVD: Learning the Ukr...
Olga Halaburda
Because children love to learn, sing and play, they will be delighted to spend time in the Alphabet Village, where letters grow on trees and the river flows of alphabet soup. Led by lovable purple host Boomchyk Borovyk, they meet Natalka wh...
Price:$29.95 US
DVDs & Videos / Documentaries / English

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MUSIC OF SURVIVAL - The Story of the Ukrainia..

The story of the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus is one of incredible courage and true grit – a vivid chronicle that celebrates the human spirit. This is the triumphant story of the original seventeen members of the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus wh...
Price:$28.00 US
DVDs & Videos / Feature Films

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Bitter Harvest (US edition)...

Bitter Harvest is a 2017 romantic-action drama film set in Soviet Ukraine in the early 1930s during the Holodomor Genocide starvation policy that killed millions of Ukrainians under Stalin's forced collectivization of all farms and business...
Price:$21.95 US
DVDs & Videos / Instructional

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Korovai. The Traditional Ukrainian Wedding Br..

This documentary presents an instructional workshop on the art of baking and decorating a korovai at the Ukrainian Museum in New York City. It features Larysa Zielyk, a renowned specialist in korovai baking and ornamentation, and Lubov Woly...
Price:$25.95 US
DVDs & Videos / Liturgical

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St Constantine UCC Choir
N Amer format DVD video of a liturgy in Ukr. With choir and celebrant. USA....
Price:$18.95 US
DVDs & Videos / Music & Dance

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Vohon Dance Ensemble
Vohon invites you to join them in their momentous celebration of 25 years of passion and culture. Their newest production KOLEKTSIYA, showcasing a collection of Vohon's many traditional regional dances from over the years, also features the...
Price:$42.95 US
DVDs & Videos / PAL DivX Format

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Sorochynskyj Yarmarok - PAL DVD...

Very well-made film is colorful and scenic. ONLY PLEASE NOTE: this is only available in Russian at this time. (filmed in Russian)...
Price:$18.95 US
DVDs & Videos / VHS Tapes / Documentaries

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Kozatski Mohyly. Bytva pid Berestechkom..
R. Luzetski, J. Matera
In the 17th century, one of the most heroic, yet most tragic of Ukraine's battles in the struggle for independence took place - the Battle of Berestechko. This is a memorial to the over 30 000 young Ukrainian Kozaks who gave their life in t...
Price:$10.00 US


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