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Antartaktyda part 2
New Fresh, new release by Ukraine's top hip-hop rock group Tartak, has all new materials and lyrics to all songs in the liner notes.   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# DR125
$13.95 US

Chas Letyt
New A special album, recorded during the Majdan upheaval. Great rock style and original materials!   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# DP702
$13.95 US

Dity Morja
New A hard-driving new rock album from group Epolets (Odesa) features songs with mainly water imagery. Good, energetic rock. 15 page booklet is included w...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# DP240
$14.95 US

Je Chas
Je Chas by Rulada includes easy-listening, soft-rock, and great vocals in her original songs.   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# DF765
$14.95 US

Nove Zhyttja
Ukraine group’s strong performance of original songs: great vocals, rock and brit-pop, spans from soft rock to edgier numbers. Great!   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# DP245
$15.95 US

Zhyvy I Liuby
Kozak System has its roots in the well-known Ukrainian group Haydamayky. Their folk-rock style is edgy with a dub-reggae feel! They perform kozak and ...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# DR391
$14.95 US

Vse Krasyvo
  <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# DR145
$16.95 US

Oznaky Zhyttia
  <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# DR139
$14.95 US

Ukraine rock band Druha Rika's album of original songs in a combination hard-rock and ballad style.   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# DR128
$14.95 US

Made in Ukraine
"Made in Ukraine" by Braty Hadiukiny is a mix of blues, R&B, soul, and rock. It was released in 2014 and is sure to please listeners young and old wit...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# DR712
$16.95 US

Bez zajvykh sliv
"Bez zajvykh sliv" is pop-rock and presents original tunes in a refreshing, easy-listening mix of style with acoustic accompaniment.   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# DR130
$14.95 US

Chudovyj Svit
VV’s 10th album is a mix of rock, punk, ethno & “symphonism”. Folk-rock combines with string sounds-in great taste! Lounge-punk at its best! We enjoy ...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# DR393
$14.95 US

Hodi Spaty!
Latest release from this very popular Ukraine folk-rock group has an edgier feel!   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# DR389
$14.95 US

Kozak System
The members of this newly formed group come from the well-known Haydamaky ensemble. They note that this is the most genuine of their releases, combini...   <More details>
Special Order Item - Item# DR388
$14.95 US

VV - Official MP3 Collection 2CD
All-time favorite Ukrainian rock band VV presents a commemorative edition with 154 tracks! It includes their 10 popular albums from 1991-2010. Enjoy t...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# DR392
$19.95 US

Hlobalne Poteplinnya
Flajzzza’s “Global Warming” recording is very listenable, with interesting lyrics and a good sense of humor! The 10-year young ensemble presents a fre...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# DR185
$16.95 US

This brand new release by the popular young band from Ukraine, Mad Heads, features 19 Ukrainian folk songs performed in the band's characteristic styl...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# DR155
$14.95 US

Buhaj - Boogie
NEW! Tribal, acoustic folk/rock music includes drums, flutes, and electronics in an edgy version of original authentic style. Folk songs, ballads, and...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# DR142
$13.95 US

Pocherk Tsytry, 10+1
Pocherk Tsytry is an acoustic folk/rock duo (acoustic guitar & violin) from Canada who write original songs in Ukrainian. Their CD has a relaxing and ...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# DZ540
$17.95 US

This CD features the arrangements of Roman Klun, a Canadian-Ukrainian musician, as well as a wide range of accompanying musicians. Turning their to ev...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# DZ937
$4.88 US

"This young Winnipeg band projects their Ukrainian roots onto today's world, with influence of Slavic, rock, gypsy, punk and reggae. Tight instrumenta...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# DZ539
$18.95 US

In the tradition of Ukraine’s traveling bards, for which their newest disc is named, popular group Haydamaky showcase their unique blend of Hutsul Ro...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# DR386
$12.95 US

2001 recording from popular Ukrainian rock/hip-hop group Tam Na Maydani Konho.   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# DR649
$15.95 US

Alternative-rockers Korolivski Zaitsi present nine songs.   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# DR407
$6.88 US

7 Piatnits Na Tizhdenj
This newest release by Khudi a Motsni (Toronto) includes elements of rock, ballad, blues, pop, and zabavas in an all-new, all-original album. Great l...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# DR248
$5.88 US

Hutsul-punk! The second album of the highly original and very Ukrainian group Hajdamaky shows that in Ukraine there is a group that excels, with high...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# DR380
$13.95 US

Jak ja spala na seni...
In addition to their innovative use of folk genre, Platch Jeremiji shows a delicate interpretation of lyric material. Such "philosophical lyricism" i...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# DR677
$14.95 US

Platch Jeremiji has performed with such groups as Deep Purple, Mick Taylor Band, Rick Wakeman, The Ukrainians, and VV. Here, they present original wo...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# DR685
$15.95 US

This original folk-rock album is sure to get a reaction! It is modern, fun, and very Ukrainian! The group bases their materials on folk songs and vers...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# DR372
$5.00 US

Kruty - Kontsert Dlia Anheliv
This concert commemorates the battle of Kruty, where hundreds of Ukrainian students defended Kyiv against the overwhelming Bolshevyk offensive. Top p...   <More details>
In Stock Today - Item# DV525
$14.95 US



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