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Icons / Festal Icons

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Nativity of the Lord Icon, 8 x 10 in..

The Monk Michael's 1982 Greek Nativity icon shows St. Joseph and the Virgin kneeling; accompanied by the images told of the Nativity....
Price:$38.00 US
Icons / The Lord

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Jesus Icon Embroidery Kit...

Your very own embroidery kit to channel your creativity and create an icon of Jesus Christ...
Price:$13.50 US
Icons / The Saints

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Icon - Archangel Gabriel 8 x 10.5 in...

Here is the Archangel Gabriel whose name means "Man of God" in Hebrew. He always helps, informs, and guides God's people. This great Archangel gave the good news of the coming Incarnation to the Virgin. This icon dates from the late 20th ...
Price:$33.00 US
Icons / Virgin Mary

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Virgin Mary Icon Embroidery Kit...

Your very own embroidery kit to channel your creativity and create an icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary...
Price:$13.50 US
Icons / Icon Sets

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Portaitissa and Christ Blessing Icon Set, 7.5..

"This set of icons was painted by the Monk Michael from the Holy Mountain of Athos in 1986-1988. The Lord is shown with his right hand giving a blessing, his fingers forming the Greek letters “IC XC”, and his left hand holding a jewel-stud...
Price:$76.00 US
Icons / Reproductions

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St. Michael Archangel icon, 5 x 7 in...

From the Athens Byzantine Museum, this remarkable 14 c. Byzantine icon is of the Holy Archangel Michael, the captain and leader of the whole angelic host. From the earliest times Christians have turned to St. Michael for help in struggles o...
Price:$27.00 US
Icons / Crucifixes

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Wall Crucifix, 12 x 8 in..

This beautiful Wall Crucifix was painted in the mid 1700s, and shows the Lord on the Cross. On the right and left of the Cross stand the Mother of God and St. John. The Cross stands on Golgotha, the place of Adam's skull, with angels flying...
Price:$75.00 US


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